In a world full of colour, images in monochrome have that timeless quality of times past. After all it wasn’t that long ago that all our media including news, films and television was only available in black and white and all tones in between.

Black-and-white photography is considered by some to be more subtle and interpretive, and less realistic than color photography. ┬áMonochrome images are not direct renditions of their subjects, but are abstractions from reality, representing colors in shades of grey. In modern computer terms, this form of photography is considered by some to add a more emotional touch to the subject, compared with the original coloured Kodachrome images we all remember. So in our colour saturated world is there still room for the humble black and white image? This is a question I will attempt to answer in a visual way over the next few months with a body of work devoted totally to the genre. This will be a stretch for me, as I’m a devoted fan of the reality of what I see every day in detailed colour.