When I Blinked, I was In Tuscany

In September 2017 we were guests at a wedding outside a small Italian town in the picture postcard landscape that is Tuscany.

Is marriage an outdated tribal institution. Maybe, to some, but not everyone. Anyway, who would conspire to be married in an exotic location like Tuscany in the middle of summer?

Perhaps a gregarious energetic couple currently living in Western Australia. He, originally, a lad from Wigan, Greater Manchester in the UK. And she, a bubbly girl with European heritage from Bruny Island of the South Coast of Tasmania.

This unusual scenario and the impossible logistics of attempting to join a couple with family and friends from opposite ends of the globe seems like madness. Makes sense though, meet halfway, sort of like a holiday with a purpose. A Villa in central Tuscany near the small town of Botello, a few guests, half from Australia, half from the UK, the basic ingredients for something quite special.

The location is perfect, a bit different from Bognor Regis or maybe Cottesloe in WA on a good day. This feels like a dream really and I need to keep pinching myself to make sure its not.  A week for the wedding and whatever comes before and after. Time for the preparation and excitement with a touch of stress, then the nuptials. A little more procedure, a lot of hooting, hollering and polite heckling from an eclectic mix of English and Australian guests. The guests are absolutely gagging to let loose, but want to be behave proper in font of the elders.

The next bit is along side a swimming pool, with good company, food, wine, Limoncello, music and instructions. What could possibly go wrong?

There are of course back stories, fun stories, but not for here. A brilliant atmosphere of shared celebration, full of windswept  and interesting characters from abroad, new fiends, old friendships renewed. The sound of laughter, as a big bloke in pink and red wine shorts hands me a beer. The festivities shrug off the odd hiccup along the way and make for something quite special and very memorable. Splash!

Mike Briggs Tuscany | September 2017.

Sponsored by the ‘Suppa Club’ & Mr White’