The Museum Of Everything

A collection of nearly 2000 pieces of art from 200 artist has been showcased at MONA for the last few months. The most notable thing about this exhibition is that the artists are entirely made up of non-professionals. The curated exhibition is housed in a rabbit warren of rooms that wind through the building from room to room dragging the viewer past an array of works that astound and challenge the contemporary view of art.

The exhibition first opened in London in 2009, the founder James Brett wanted to focus on ordinary people who were making art for reasons other than careers, big shows and money. The artists subject matter is often personal, frightening, intimate and captivating. The subject matter and materials reflect visions or compulsions by a group who are self taught architects, citizen inventors, or creatives who follow a different belief system and produce their picture from inside metal institutions, hospitals or prisons.

Can this type of collection find a place in our “elite art world” that  is top heavy with ego, social status and money? Can such an assemblage of works become contender in our cultured communities of often pretentious and cultured professional artists who are also visionaries and just as passionate. Maybe…..

Mike Briggs, Museum Of Everything | Jan 2018