Italian Beach Culture

Italian beach culture is king, it is a national pastime,  a religion where worshippers and the faithful adhere to strict protocols and procedures and attend regularly. Surrounded by the sea, Italy has over 5000 miles of coastline which means no one is really anymore than two hours from the beach. In mid-July the towns are deserted as everyone is comfortably settled at their favourite ‘bagni’, Beach Club or public beach.

The private Beach Clubs are scattered along the coast and can be identified by their colourful umbrellas, sun beds and offer a full services to customers who pay for the privilege.  The most popular clubs on the Cinque Terre are often booked months sometimes years in advance during the busy summer months.

There are of course public beaches, where all the items available at private beaches are available for rent. Public Beaches are often very crowded, where it is more demanding to follow all the unspoken rules and common courtesies observed by worshippers.

Mike Briggs,  Levanto  Italy | August 2017