Dark Mofo

Dark MoFo’s Creative director Leigh Carmichael has made Hobart’s premier Mid Winter Festival like no other. The media and press introduction to this years event started with lively discussion between council and organisers grappling with the festival’s rapid growth, which he believed had now reached its limits.

The inverted crosses fire the first salvo of controversy, christian leaders cry blasphemy, as performance artist Mike Parr is buried beneath Hobart’s main road for three days without food, with government approval and support.

During his internment he sketched, mediated and read Robert Hughes Fatal Shore.  Australia’s southernmost capital is a place like no other during DarkMofo, the week long visual arts program is strong and different, the music and food second to none. Is the festival radical and provacitive? sure it is, this unique festival really put an emerging Tasmania on the international arts and culture map. Local and State government’s support of $2.1 million is testament to the value that is placed on culture and the arts in the State.

This festival that we call our own, is in its sixth successful year. The curators of Mona and DarkMofo have carefully perfected the dark art of provercation and controversy to show the best art the world has to offer and  to showcase it in sub antarctic conditions in Australia’s Southern most capital.

How to describe the Winter-Fest that is DarkMofo? the Event is best summed up by the late musician Lou Reed,

Days are for filling in spaces between nights and nights are for travelling to another world and fall through time’. 

Mike Briggs – DarkMofo Hobart TAS | June 2018