Device Blind

How disconnected are we as a community, or population?  Look around at the next person to you, or over from you, what are they doing.  Its odds on they are on their mobile phone,  Tablet, or computer.  Perhaps they are walking  with the earbuds in listening to music,  an audio book or podcast.

Our attachment to our devices these days is like an addiction in the new millennium, never far from our grasp and continually competing for our attention above everything else. Theres no denying our devices and the World Wide Web has improved productivity and our ability to communicate and shop in ways we only dreamed about thirty years ago.

There’s Facebook, Google, FaceTime, Messenger  and of course Email. We have embraced technology and all the stuff that comes with it like a pack of rabid dogs, demanding the biggest and best more often.  A new Suncorp Bank report says Australians are spending a staggering 20 billion dollars a year to stay on top of technology demands.

How does all this affect our behaviour?  The latest Digital Australia report from professional services firm Ernst & Young has found Australians spend on average 10 hours and 24 minutes engaging with their internet-connected devices every day.

According to the report people on average spend more time on their smartphone than they do talking to their partner or friends. Australians are spending large sums on their internet-enabled devices with accompanying digital subscription services such as mobile phone data, apps and streaming platforms.

In addition, almost 40% of those surveyed said they would rather conduct transactions over the internet than by phone or face-to-face. Leave your phone in your pocket, fingers off the keyboard go walk and talk to someone.

Mike Briggs, Hobart | August 2018


“Australians breaking their wallets to stay on top of technology” | Esther Han 6 April 2015,  Sydney Morning Herald.

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