A German Wedding On an Italian island

Torcello is the most northerly Island of a group in the Venetian lagoon which are easily visited and still inhabited. The Island is home to no fewer than a dozen people who gain a living mostly from tourism. Torcello’s landscape

We know The Words

For those of us around in the 70s the thing we remember most is the music. There are songs that we thought we had forgotten, as soon as you hear a riff they come flooding back…….. The 70s produced a

The Girl With The Half Smile

The artwork of Morton Bartlett is represented in their doll like features. At first site I interpreted the works as clever reproductions of children’s toys. They are so much more than that. Morton Bartlett has captured the embodiment of joy,

Same But Different

Waterfronts the world over are same but different. They are magnets that draw people for different reasons, a quick break from a busy work schedule, a place to wander and observe and a place to eat. There is one constant

Smug By Name

The Australian street artist Smug, or Smug One aka Sam Bates has quietly painted an industrial scale mural on the wall of a house in the suburbs of Tasmania’s capital. The mural features a well known local identity, an artist

The Power Of The Cross

The cross is widely recognised as a symbol of Christianity. The cross was adopted by DarkMofo curators as a theme for the recent event held in Hobart, over the month of June 2018.  The use of the upside down cross,