RJs View Of The World

This is RJ, he is young and recently up-wardly mobile. He is discovering things and a very welcome distraction from the things we should be doing. I recently visited RJ and unwittingly demonstrated how easy it is for the elderly to loose their balance and promptly fell of my motorcycle while parking. His response, a couple of weeks later was a classic demonstration his flexibility. A message from the young, Kudos to RJ! Mike Briggs, Hobart November 2016

When I Saw Your Hair I Almost Dyed……

The London suburb of Islington grew from humble beginnings. What started as an overcrowded London suburb has transformed into a neighborhood of buildings that began as inns and defunct social houses have since been reimagined as fashionable gastropubs, wine bars, and boutiques. The surprises are the imagination of the retailers…. Mike Briggs Islington May 2015