Woolfzinger’s Freak Show

For those with a passion or bent for all things dark, witness ‘The Freak Show’ that is Woolfzingers Cidershow Alley. The sideshow is a feature at the Huon Mid Winter Festival held at Willie Smiths Apple shed in Tasmania’s Huon Valley.

A dark sideshow reminisent of the television series ‘Carnevale’, the characters feel as natural as they can, being in the tradition of the carnies and sideshows of times past. The sideshow is a clever crude display and collection of weird and strange caged exhibits.

Visitors are ushered into the sideshow by a megaphone wielding gentleman, urging patrons to come and see the freak show. We are met by his assistant, issued a playing card, engaged in banter and pushed through a narrow maze of pathways revealing a little more each step….

The sign says don’t feed Cannibal Women as she winks, her neighbour Granny Smith in spotted leotard is using a large red leather armchair as dancing partner…

The Woolfzinger family claim to be born from a long line of carnies dating from around 1866. Their interpretation of the sideshows of old is a uniquely dark experience one they hope you will not recover from.

Mike Briggs Woolfzingers Cidershow Alley, Huon Valley Midwinter Festival. June 2016

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