An Elaborate Public Spectacle….

The Hobart Christmas Pageant, a colourful spectacle of floats, characters and costumes, is in its 36th year.

The word pageant is defined in the Thesaurus as;

pag•eant (ˈpædʒ ənt)
1. an elaborate costumed procession or parade, often with floats, forming part of public or social festivities.
2. an elaborate public spectacle illustrative of the history of a place, institution, or the like.
3. something comparable to such a spectacle or procession in its variety or grandeur: the pageant of Renaissance history.
4. a show or exhibition: a beauty pageant.
5. (in medieval times) a platform on which scenes from mystery plays were presented.
[1350–1400; Middle English pagyn, pagaunt < Anglo-Latin pāgina stage, scene, platform] This perfectly describes the 2016 Hobart Pageant. The parade delighted an eager crowd with an array of colourful floats, costumes and community groups. dscf0261




The displays and costumes depicted known characters and delighted Hobart’s children, who look forward to the annual pageant.


As the pageant wound its way along Liverpool Street, through Hobart’s central CBD, it was clear the event still attracted great public interest in 2016. Some traditions and events have lost traction over the years in favour of of the more palatable events that showcase the areas food, wine and art. It is clear the community still loves a traditional parade and the opportunity to see those lesser known groups and charities still very much alive and active in the community.






Mike Briggs, Hobart November 2016

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