A Salty Playground

An isolated beach on an island off the south coast of Tasmania, a mid-winter’s day with remarkably stable weather – a chance to unwind and drink in the landscape, a salty playground…



A gathering of friends and family, conversation and exercise. The choice of location on this island is endless, the obvious is the best – an easy walk, not much of a challenge, but plenty of open space and sea air. A chance for the kids to expend that never-ending build up of energy, the perfect place, a deserted beach except for the wilderness and our group friends and family.



The hypnotising ocean of Storm Bay, a long series of beaches. Up and down the sand dunes, a chance to kick the footy and explore. The destination is a small shack or hut built buy a group of locals – a getaway, a place to relax and enjoy the isolation, hidden in a corner, among the dune grass and Boobyalla.



The cabin contains items of occupation, a visitors book and guitar and just the things needed to keep you warm, fed and entertained. A place to be respected by visitors who know where to find it. Leave it just so.



More to see, time to move – the kids don’t stand still for long, a great day – perfect weather and not another soul to be seen. The perfect day building an appetite and the opportunity for just a couple more photographs.




Mike Briggs Margate November 2016

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