My Continuing Obsession…

My obsession with wall art from all Australian cities is obvious from previous postings. Rather than the the reputation graffiti taggers have, I find the wall art dominating some our large city side streets a treat. These hidden gems are art to me, a view some city Councils are bound to disagree with. Many artist are becoming well known for their large scale rendering being favoured by developers and Councils to add flavour and colour to our otherwise dreary suburbs.

The view from my hotel room in Melbourne was such a surprise, a building used as a canvas, was brilliant, juxtaposed with demolition on the other, not quite what I was expecting. Maybe we have an opportunity here, should all our art be restricted to a Galleries? Can we as a society smartly add pieces around our urban landscape that adds flavour and colour to otherwise mundane high-rise cityscape? Yes we can.

Most of the street art is a little less spectacular, but give the suburbs its own flavour with a glimpse into the street art DNA and development as it is increasingly gaining a sophistication and acceptance in the community from its tagging origins.

Mike Briggs, Melbourne Victoria, June 2017

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