Budgie Smugglers, A Short Brief……

A Hobart Takeaway serves it up, winning notoriety for its burgers, coffee and its name. A slang term for the most briefest of Australian swimming costumes made popular by the current Prime Minister of Australia!.

But most recently this establishment was used as a compass for Dark Mofos Blacklist. Formerly a garage and service station the venue has had a checkered past with a number of owners, finally surrendering to Nathan and his partners as the “ Budgie Smugglers” Take Away, with a colourfully rendered motif illustrated on the properties adjacent cement wall.


Recently though, mystery surrounded the first night of Dark Mofos 2015 Blacklist. The venue location was secret, only being revealed that very morning in the form of a 15-second video in which Kamahl disclosed that it was to be held at Budgie Smugglers a well known takeaway food shop in Hobart’s city centre.

However, on arrival for the 9pm start however, it was revealed that Blacklist was actually taking place across the road, in Hobart’s City Hall. The Budgie Smugglers had achieved a kind of notoriety, just perfect.


The 2015 Dark Mofo Blacklist program read:

Budgie Smugglers in Collins St will host what organisers are calling a late-night ceremonial “death dance”.
Most nights for the event have sold out, with limited door sales available tonight, tomorrow night, June 19 and 20. A limited number of tickets to the June 18 event are available. For further details visit
Organisers have given the following advice to partygoers:

1. Dress appropriately for the end. You are going out like that.

2. Be a wild and free gay horse like Harrison Forward on a bunk bed.
3. Acknowledge the power of magic.

4. Do not kill non-human animals. Do not harm little children. Be respectful to small adults.

5. Listen closely, go hard, open your mouth, close your eyes, sacrifice for the greater mood.

This place is cool, has a no pretences, just a great name, serves real food by a friendly crew for ordinary folk.

Mike Briggs, Budgie Smugglers, Hobart July 2015

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