A Plot With A View

Cullen, a small North Sea fishing village sitting on the wild coastline of Banff, is guardian and home to one of the most unusual “Garden’s Of Remembrance” or Cemeteries I have come across for some time. Nestled in a corner of the coastline close to the village, this is the resting place for pets with a coastal view of the best Scotland has to offer.

The village of Cullen is probably better known for the Scottish delicacy known as “Cullen Skink” a delicious creamy soup made from smoked haddock and potatoes and is widely served as an everyday dish across the northeast of Scotland.

The pet cemetery was established in 1991 by a local, ex bin man, Stephen Findlay. He has voluntarily tended to the plots at Cullen’s animal graveyard for nearly 25 years, offering a scenic resting place for scores of family pets, and even burying a dolphin and shark which were washed ashore. Mr Findlay began the cemetery when he buried the pet spaniel of his local doctor in Cullen on the Banffshire coast. He found a sheltered spot for the ceremony under cliffs overlooking the North Sea Coast at the edge of the village. This is the site of the present cemetery, but is somewhat larger now.

Mike Briggs, Cullen Scotland July 2015


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