A German Wedding On an Italian Island

Torcello is the most northerly Island of a group in the Venetian lagoon which are easily visited and still inhabited. The Island is home to no fewer than a dozen people who gain a living mostly from tourism. Torcello’s landscape seems linked to a time of the late Roman Empire and exudes a Medieval charm characterised by the architecture, small Piazza and the imposing Basilica Of Torcello. The seclusion and charm make it the perfect location for those people aspiring to a Venetian themed wedding in a quiet accessible area away from Venice. This was what we had stumbled upon on our brief visit to the Island in late August 2017.

While not making a habit of crashing private and personal occasions, the isolation of the small island and its town made the public affair unavoidable to visitors. The opportunity to photograph with others was to good to miss. The German couple and their guests resplendent in Venetian carnival masks were married at the Basilica and walked to the reception at a small canal side ristorante with guests in tow.


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