The Power Of The Cross

The cross is widely recognised as a symbol of Christianity. The cross was adopted by DarkMofo curators as a theme for the recent event held in Hobart, over the month of June 2018.  The use of the upside down cross, drew controversy from various quarters. Some see the theme as dark and occult-like, where upside down crosses are a public statement of anti Christian values. What ever you think, the cross is a powerful symbol. It certainly evokes an emotional response that most of us haven’t even thought about or even understand.

Since it’s inception the DarkMofo Festival has been successful in provoking controversy with dark themes and installation pieces. Mike Parr’s entombment under a Hobart Main Street for 72 hours is an example. It was a performance to acknowledge colonial violence against Tasmanian Aborigines.

Last year it was Austrian artist Herman Nitsch’s 150 action, where he used litres of animal blood, milk, fish and bull carcasses in his controverisal performance.

Mythology and symbolism is a continuing theme, evident in past events and exhibits at the Museum Of Old and New Art. The careful curation of the environment, exhibits and performance is all part of the extravaganza that is Mona and Dark MoFo.

The Events and associated works evoke many cross cultural responses and are all part of the program to enlighten and expose us to all that is considered Art, but doesn’t necessarily hang on a wall.

The spectacles brings a measure of excitment, respect and individual interpretation, which of course is the whole idea. The visual feast that is DarkMofo, provided us with a distraction in the dead of winter. This is the sort of recipe most of us in the south are starting to crave every year, taking it all in as you do when you dine out, trying something new, add a pinch of salt and eat slowly!


Mike Briggs, Hobart Tas – DarkMofo June 2018





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